Police challenge coin_PleasantonWhen you are looking for Police challenge coins for your organization — why not choose the nation’s highest rated challenge coin company? 

We are experts in designing police challenge coins – offering three distinctive ways to recreate your badge on the coin.  We offer standard soft enamel paint (military standard for coins) and hard enamel or cloisonne paint.  These high-quality paints create a look and feel like your badge.  Our quick video shows the difference between hard and soft enamel:

Hard Enamel VS Soft Enamel Paint_challenge coins

Police and Law Enforcement agencies nationwide have depended on Celebrate Excellence to create unique and high-quality custom coins for years.  

police challenge coins_sheriffPolice challenge coins are the perfect memento to mark your service and dedication to your community.  Used as recognition, mementos of your service, commemorative pieces for your family – nothing compares to a law enforcement challenge coin.  And Celebrate Excellence is honored to have helped units, agencies and police departments around the nation.police challenge coin



Adopting The Challenge Coin Tradition

Over the years, the practice of handing out Challenge Coins has migrated from the armed forces into domestic law enforcement.

Today, it’s not uncommon for city and county police departments create Challenge Coins to gift to their outstanding members. In our very own San Antonio, the San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) and the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) both have personalized Challenge Coins. These coins are distributed in much the same way as their military counterparts, in honor of outstanding service, or in commemoration of special events.

The adaptation of this military tradition into law enforcement followed the same path as transitioning service members. As members of the American military enter the civilian sector, many of them found themselves taking up careers in law enforcement, bringing the custom of Challenge Coins with them. As police departments began adopting Challenge Coins, many fire departments across the United States began creating coins as well.

Some law enforcement Challenge Coins highlight a specific branch of their police department, such as DWI, Vice, and K-9 units. As Challenge Coins exchange hands, the small act of recognition raises the morale of the officers. The causal nature of the handshake to pass a coin on to its recipient is very different from the highly formalized commendation ceremonies. Passing out Challenge Coins goes a long way in helping every standout member shine, not solely those who have earned medallions. After all, pulling long nights to finish paperwork or organizing a toy drive are also worthy of commendation!

Recognizing a job well done is the primary function of a Challenge Coin, and as such, it’s becoming increasingly common for graduating classes in police academies to design their own Challenge Coin to commemorate their accomplishments. It’s also popular to incorporate Challenge Coins into other forms of awards, such as plaques, to further personalize them. Challenge Coins also represent the pride officers have in their organization. When different police departments come together in joint operations, they often exchange Challenge Coins as both a greeting and a gesture of respect.

Another way Challenge Coins are used is to venerate officers fallen in the line of duty. Challenge Coins created for the purposes of honoring and remembering the sacrifices of those officers who gave their lives in the course of serving and protecting the public are often distributed as part of charity events to benefit the families of the fallen officers.

Challenge Coins help give thanks for the efforts and sacrifices made by law enforcement. They help build a sense of camaraderie and community among personal as well as between different police departments. They highlight significant events, promote different units within a department, and even contribute to helping bereaved families of fallen officers. From its roots as a military tradition, Challenge Coins have found a home among law enforcement.

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