We use soft enamel color-fill paint as a standard on our coins. The colors are hand-painted and baked to a shiny, long-lasting finish. Up to 4 colors on the front and back are included in the pricing. Additional colors can be added. These coins have brilliant color and fine, raised metal detailing. The recessed areas of your coins are hand-enameled and then kiln-fired at 450 degrees. Each coin is hand-polished and then plated. The end result is a truly outstanding product at a very affordable price. Soft enamel coins can also be coated with a protective layer of epoxy for an even more durable finish. Translucent paints and matte colors are available at no extra charge.

For an additional charge, we can paint your coins using hard enamel paint (EPOLA) – which rises to the level of the metal lines – thus creating a very smooth and polished coin finish. EPOLA is the highest quality coin available, and can be characterized by the fact that there are thin metal lines separating each color of your coin. Epola is a resin-based color powder that is heated to 900 degrees to create a bright, smooth, hard enamel finish.

Cloisonné style coins can be characterized as having a glass-like quality to it. The high luster and durability of Cloisonné is an ancient art that requires meticulous hand-crafted detailing. Your custom designed coin is hand-filled with colored cloisonné paints, which have ultra-fine colored glass granule, and then kiln-fired at very high temperatures. After firing, each pin is hand-polished and plated resulting in vivid colors, sparkling and glass-like in quality.

We offer 12 standard textures which can be used on any area of your coins. For an additional charge we can sandblast any area of the coin. Sandblasting gives an ultra-fine “pebbling” effect to the coin and is very effective in accenting raised emblems when shiny gold or silver electroplating is used.

We can also pour an epoxy dome on both front and back of your coins.

Our coins are made of high-quality brass and electroplated and shined to a beautiful finish. We use both skilled artisans and computerized CAD artwork to create all 3-D areas of our coins. We also employee in-house graphic design artists to help you with your coins. We will take your rough sketch, scanned image or virtually any format for your emblems and create a unique design for your team.

While we have an online presence, we are not simply an internet challenge coin company. We maintain a 1700 sq showroom and coin design center in Military City USA – San Antonio, TX. Our first challenge coin customers were based at JBSA – Lackland AFB. We have now shipped coins to almost every Air Force installation both domestically and internationally. We are active members of our community


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