Fiesta Medal Design 101 - Making memories

Fiesta medal season is here!  And we are your hometown Fiesta medal experts!  Join us over the next few weeks as we present “Fiesta Medals 101” -- everything you need to consider before making your medals this year.  This week -- “Making Memories” with Fiesta medals.

Fiesta medal_Isabel Pruneda_probation officer_2016Fiesta medals are a great way to commemorate any group, team, association or even family event!  Here are some great examples of medals used to make Fiesta memories.

Isabel Pruneda is actively involved in the San Antonio Fiesta Commission.  This year she wanted to create Fiesta medals for both her family and to proudly display her years of service as a Texas Probation Officer.

And here are the results:  using her badge, we created a retirement Fiesta medal.  Shiny gold finish on a field of two Texas state flags -- Isabel’s Fiesta medal is a replica of her actual badge.  What a great tribute to a life of service!Fiesta medal_Pruneda family_2016

Our next project was the Pruneda family medal.  Using important elements of each family member’s life -- the family medal includes a replica badge, the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo emblem, and symbols for both agriculture and wildlife management.  Each represents one family member’s area of interest or expertise!

There are many ways to use Fiesta medals to create a permanent reminder of great times, great friends and family!  Contact us today to find out how we can help you make Fiesta memories this year!