bexar-county-honorary-fire-marshalOn 09 September 2016, Tammany Williams, owner of Celebrate Excellence, was appointed Bexar County’s Honorary Fire Marshal.  “I am so thrilled to be selected by our Fire Marshal, Chief Chris Lopez, for this amazing honor,” reports Tammany.  “It has been our distinct pleasure to work closely with the amazing men and women of our Fire Marshal’s office over the past year.  Chief Lopez has an amazing team!”

During the past year, Celebrate Excellence has worked with the Fire Marshal’s office in designing and producing their new badges and challenge coins.

The primary duty of the Bexar County Fire Marshal’s Office (BCFMO) is to develop, foster and promote methods of protecting the lives and property of the citizens of Bexar County from fires, both natural and man-made hazards, and other significant events through the direct coordination and action with other public safety, private, and business communities. The BCFMO staff takes pride in the execution of this responsibility with the highest standards of professionalism, efficiency, integrity and accountability.bexar-co-fire-marshal_coin

The BCFMO consists of five functions: Fire Code Compliance & Enforcement, Fire Prevention & Inspections, Fire/Arson Investigations, Fire Dispatch Communications, and Community Outreach Initiatives. The BCFMO staff provides rapid response to requests for investigations, inspections, fire code compliance, and emergency management assistance.

“In 2015, Tammany made our new badges and then my Fire Marshal challenge coin,” adds Chief Lopez.  “I cannot tell you how much we have enjoyed the professional relationship with Celebrate Excellence.  They have been superb business partners – their products and service exceeded our expectations.”

large_badgesIn addition to an Honorary Warrant of Appointment – Tammany was given her own “HONORARY FIRE MARSHAL” badge.  “This is definitely one of the highlights of my career!  To be in any way associated with this Fire Marshal – who has the admiration and respect of so many Bexar County leaders – well, to say it is an honor is an understatement!”

Celebrate Excellence supports the Fire Marshal community by attending the annual Texas Fire Marshal’s Conference as a sponsor.  In addition to challenge coins for Bexar County, Celebrate Excellence makes coins for the State Fire Marshal, the North Texas Fire Marshals Association, Tarrant County Arson, El Paso Fire Marshal, San Antonio Police Chief, Bexar County Sheriff’s Honor Guard and many more.  Celebrate Excellence is HUB certified – a woman-owned, Texas-based business.