spinner Fiesta medal_Davis VisionSpinner Fiesta medals are all the rage!  And we are experts at creating unique and coveted spinner medals!  While everyone loves to collect medals  – spinner and kinetic medals are certainly among the most popular!

What makes spinner Fiesta medals worthy of your consideration?  While they are more expensive than standard medals – spinners offer a unique opportunity to showcase two messages in one medal!  The spinner feature guarantees your brand and message will be seen.  While the medals are spinning – your message will be seen over, and over and over again!  Literally!

Spinner Fiesta medals consist of a medal with a cut out in the center.  Attached through a brass rod – the spinner piece rotates 360 degrees vertically or horizontally.  In 2016 – we worked with Davis Vision to create their amazing spinner Fiesta medal.  Taking the top prize in the San Antonio Express-New’s medal contest in the “HEALTH CARE DIVISION” – this medal looks like a simple eye chart until it spins.  Then you read their hidden message – “EYE CARE REFRAMED”.  Congratulations to Brynn Ray and her team at Davis Vision for their innovative design!

Fiesta medals can have many different kind of kinetic features.  Kinetic features add “movement” to the medal and include:

  • spinners
  • gyro spinners
  • danglers
  • sliders

Spinner Fiesta medal_danglerA gyro spinner is a medal with a top piece that rotates like a clock face – instead of spinning on an axis vertically or horizontally.  A dangler is an additional piece or pieces added to the medal – that swing independently of the medal.  Sliders are separately minted pieces that move up and down or right to left within the Fiesta medal.

We invite you to visit our showroom at the corner of Jackson-Keller and Loop 410 and work with one of our Fiesta medal experts.  We are open Monday through Friday, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm. To see more of our Fiesta medals or get a FREE QUOTE, click HERE.  We are a woman-owned business – HUB certified with the State of Texas.  With over 270 online testimonials – we are the only Fiesta medal company with an A+ rating from the BBB.

Enjoy our quick video on spinner Fiesta medals: