Spinner Challenge Coins for Google:

One of our production staff’s favorite coins this year is the spinner challenge coin we made for Google.  Many Google employees are members of VetNet -- an international organization that provides support to veteran’s at the local area.  Google’s VetNet association honored their veterans by coining them at data centers around the world.

This coin is an amazing piece of metal work!  It is finished in a shiny nickel electroplating and has both soft enamel and blue translucent paint.  Longitude and latitude lines for the globe are raised to a half-height -- then translucent blue paint is poured over them.  The result -- a holographic looking globe!

VetNet backThe entire coin is coated in a thick epoxy dome -- which not only protects the paint, but serves to increase the 3-dimensonal look of the globe.

To make it even more fun -- the center globe spins on its axis!

Thanks to CMSgt (ret) Jim Tulio and his team at Google for allowing us help them recognize our nation’s veterans!