Tammany Williams, owner of Celebrate Excellence / Successories, was recently honored by being selected as “Honorary First Sergeant” by the JBSA – Lackland First Sergeant Council.  This is the first time in Lackland history that a First Sergeant Council has honored a civilian in this way.  “There has always been a special place in my heart for the Shirts,” reports Tammany.  “They are such amazing people who not only serve their country – but are chosen to serve their Airmen as well.  These men and women work 24/7 – anything we can do to help support them is an honor in itself.”  In a December 18th meeting – Tammany was recognized as a long-time supporter of the JBSA-Lackland First Sergeant Council – who chose her for this honor by a unanimous vote of the Council. According to MSgt Walter Hodges, First Sergeant with the 341 RCS, “She is one of our family!”