ANG_Comand chief_Palmer_puerto rico_challenge coin_1 ANG_Comand chief_Palmer_puerto rico_challenge coin_2I was selected as the Command Chief for the 156 Airlift Wing and I attended a orientation course in TX. During this course we had many speakers and one of the speakers was from Successories. It was motivating and well-received by all who were sitting in that room. Once the discussion ended we were also shown a display of challenge coins from different walks of military life. I was impressed and I had no need to purchase my own coin but when I saw the art work and coins like no other I have seen before, I did not hesitate to order my own coin. I don’t how to  start, but this team of professionals walk you through the making of your coin, from suggestion to different designs. My coin is the best and I am proud to display anywhere and everywhere.

CMSgt Wilfred Palmer, Puerto Rico ANG, 156 AW/CCC

Coins like none other I have seen before