In this video, Celebrate Excellence brings you an insider’s look at designing a Fiesta Medal, and all the elements that help a medal sell. Our commitment to quality ensures that any medal we produce is top tier. These are some of the expert tips we give our customers that help them create designs guaranteed to charm potential buyers! If you’re a fan of Fiesta fun, this video is a must-watch. Whether you’re raising money for a cause near and dear to you, showing off a hobby, or showcasing a bit of pop culture, it’s important to Celebrate Excellence every day.


Hello and welcome, Fiesta fans and medal enthusiasts. We’re gonna be sharing with you the top ten
ways you can have a successful fiesta season this year. Now San Antonio’s Fiesta may be
our party with a purpose, but medals are serious business and if your goal is to raise funds
for your organization or your group, then your other goal is to sell out of medals before
fiesta even begins. So we’re going to share with you what we share with our customers
every year: our Top Ten Secrets for having a successful medal season. So let’s get to it!
Starting with Number 10.
If your organization is well-known in the San Antonio community,
you already have a Fiesta Medal that people will want to collect. But this year, let’s
take that medal to the next level. You’re already selling to your members, your employees, and
your vendors, but if you add some Fiesta Fun to that medal, it will be MORE collectible.
People will want it because the logo’s got fun Fiesta colors, or the mascot’s wearing
something cute for Fiesta. So take your logo that everybody recognizes, and Fiesta-y up.
If you’re thinking about creating a personal medal this year and don’t know where to begin,
then think about this; consider groups that you’re a member of, or hobbies that you have,
or interests that other like-minded people might share. People will buy a medal if it’s
got something on it the appeals to them. Successful medals in the past have been medals for dog
lovers, medals for cat lovers, medals for people who participate in the gaming communities,
such as Pokémon or Ingress. If you’ve got a hobby or a passion for something, chances
are other people in town will, and your medal will be successful.
San Antonio has a lot of culture that is unique to our great city. Consider including some of that culture in your medal.
Some ideas for consideration…?
Personal Fiesta Medals
Create your own fiesta medal

The C͡hu͜pacabr̢a.

Lotería cards. The San Antonio river walk. The Missions. The Alamo. Donkey Woman! Ghost Tracks.
Only someone in San Antonio would understand what that means, but that inside joke on your
Fiesta Medal will surely make it popular.
A Fiesta Medal type that is popular is a Memorial Medal. Memorial Medals pay tribute
to an organization or a person. So consider these ideas for a successful medal this year.
A Memorial Medal might mark the anniversary of a group or an organization, it may just
celebrate a group, such as a veteran’s group. Or, it might be in tribute to someone who
has passed but loved Fiesta. You have a built-in audience, members of that group are people
that knew, loved, and supported that group or that person. So consider a Memorial Medal
for this Fiesta.
Here’s a way to have some Fiesta fun,
add a parody, or a pun! …in all seriousness,
fun Fiesta Medals are popular. Parodies are a great way to take your business or even
your personal medal to a great level by making a parody. Add yourself as a Super Character,
or a superhero. Take yourself, put yourself on to a movie set. Parodies are great… and
puns, well, everyone likes something “funny,” so consider adding a Fiesta pun to your medal.
Or come in to our showroom, and we’ll…
Taco ’bout it….
Fiesta is San Antonio’s party
with a purpose. And the purpose, is raising money for nonprofits in the San Antonio area.
if you’re considering making a medal this year, either as a business or a personal medal,
to sell, or even to trade, consider choosing a charitable organization–something that’s
close to your heart–and create a Fiesta Medal. You’ll have a built-in audience that’ll
want to buy it, other people that have been affected by that cause, and people like to
buy medals if they feel like the money is going to a good cause.
When it comes to Fiesta Medals, this year, let’s think outside the box…
the Fiesta Medal box.
By adding some fun and exciting things to that medal. Medals today are not just ribbons and the medal itself.
We can add fun options to the medal, including a header bar (a great place to add your brand
or message or even mention your sponsor), a custom ribbon (imprint information on the
back of the medal, great way to put your website or phone number), and finally, always fun
and very popular… DANGLERS.
We can add one, or TWO, or T H R E E.
Your medal will be exciting, and people will have to have it.
Fiesta Medal collectors are always looking for innovative medals, so consider adding
some movement, a kinetic feature, or a functionality
that will insure your Fiesta Medal is displayed
and used, long after confetti settles.
Now how do you market your medals? We have a lot of great ideas for posting
on social media the best way to get your medal information out to the community. Check out
our blog to learn what sites to post to and how to do that. Also, if you work with us,
we make sure that all of the popular Fiesta Fan Pages get to see your medal, where to
buy it, and how much your medal is gonna be–
Now, what’s the Number 1 way to make sure
your Fiesta Medals do well this season? It’s simple. Order. Early. The customers we have
who got their Fiesta Medals in by the end of the year and were ready to start selling
in January sold the best. Fiestal Medal collectors have a budget, and you want to
make sure you get them while they still have money in that budget to buy Fiesta Medals.
So plan and order your medals to get them before the holidays. You’ll have plenty of
time to sell, and hopefully you’ll have an opportunity to reorder. Thanks for tuning
in! For more information on designing a medal of your own, see the blog below, look for
the link to our video “Fiesta Medal Designing 101,” or come to our showroom at the corner
of Jackson-Keller and Loop 410, and ask to speak with a Fiesta Medal Expert. Thanks and
Happy Fiesta!